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Please thank the following alumni for their donations to help keep our website open through 2019 - just in time for our 50 Year Reunion :)

Maggie Aldax-Buskirk
Tom Barnard
Linda Bearse-Netto

Catherine "Cathy" Besnard-Hill
Robbie Brooks
Jim Estes
David Hill

Nancy R. Kincade-Priewe
Laurie Neal
Chris L. Nottelmann-Gibson
Rory Pilkington
Diane Lopez-Wabs
Neil Potts

Dennis Roberts
William J. Scott
Karen Joann Severud
Sharon K. Vanella-Storm
Christiana Walker-Lowen
Marlene Wikoff-Black

If you would like to support our site and have your name added to our list, please mail your donation to site developer:

Linda Bearse-Netto
PO Box 203
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